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High Quality Education Fund's "My Action Commitment" Media Literacy Education

CMEF has partnered with two secondary schools to become their collaborators in applying for the Quality Education Fund (QEF)'s "My Action Commitment 2022-2023" media literacy education program. The aim is to promote the importance of fact-checking and media literacy to young people.
September - October 2023

Documentary Advanced Workshop

To preserve the essence of documentary filmmaking and promote social storytelling and public discourse, a workshop series titled "Documentary Advanced Workshop" was held. The three-part workshop featured experienced journalists and documentary filmmakers sharing their insights into the philosophy, ethics, and storytelling approaches and techniques of documentary filmmaking.
April - May 2021

Lantau Island Community Journalism Workshop

Sponsored by the Islands District Council

How well do you know Lantau Island? How can you use interviewing techniques, filming, exploration, and presentation to discover and tell unique stories that belong to the community? Our community, our own reporting!
March 2021

Fact-checking workshop

Central and Western District Council Sponsorship

With the spread of social media and the dispersion of online messages, there is a lot of fake information. Since the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of last year, I believe every citizen has been overwhelmed by news spread online.
In order to reduce the spread of false information and at the same time build a beautiful community, this event will introduce the reasons for the spread of false information, the importance of fact-checking, and basic techniques and tools for verification. After participants learn basic checks, they can apply it to their daily lives to reduce the chance of information in the region.
The plan is for residents of the Central and Western regions to take priority participation, check materials and make fact-checking reports on topics of concern to residents in the region, and promote more residents in the Central and Western regions to use fact-checking as the basis for disseminating information.
December 2020

Kowloon City Community Newspaper Workshop

Sponsored by the Kowloon City Council

Write your own community newspaper! The Cultural and Media Education Foundation will host a series of two community journalism workshops in December. Professional mentors and reporters will teach basic interview techniques and how to discover community news topics in the community. After the two workshops are completed, the mentor will accompany everyone to visit the area and write a report.
2018 - 2019

A Journey to Cultural Conservation and Heritage for Young People

“Cross-border Chinese Answers” allows different Chinese-language regions to ask questions to friends in another region to clarify facts, eliminate myths, and understand each other.
2018 - 2019

Cross-border Chinese answers

“Cross-border Chinese Answers” allows different Chinese-language regions to ask questions to friends in another region to clarify facts, eliminate myths, and understand each other.
November - December 2017

Online Marketing Workshop

The event is jointly organized by the Culture and Media Education Foundation and the Hong Kong Federation of Social Services. To help co-workers promote initiative work, the Social Welfare Advocacy Academy has launched an extended course under the title “Internet Marketing”, so that staff can experience and learn how to operate and operate various social media from the workshop to promote initiative work.

Incubate Factcheck Lab

Incubated Factcheck Lab in 2019 -- a social innovation project targeting false information on the Internet. The project successfully joined the International Factcheck Network in 2022 and is organizationally and financially independent from CMEF.
Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture
New Media Internship Program
2022 - 2024

Documentary @新媒體實習計劃

This internship program allows participants to do an internship at the New Media Organization. It is hoped that they will be able to independently complete a documentary feature report within three months. The mentor will guide the students to gain a thorough understanding and practical experience in conceptualizing, writing, shooting, editing, and post-production. During the internship period, the mentors will assist the students to complete the shooting work, and the organization is responsible for reviewing the content. During the internship, students were also able to receive support to assist in the production process.
Target audience: People currently working in the media.
September - October 2023

New Media Internship/Partner Exchange Program

In order to promote the diversification of Internet content, help young people interested in collecting newspapers and work in new media to gain experience and further develop their businesses, this plan will fund the costs of the internship and exchange period.
Funding amount: Once all applications are accepted, applicants will receive a stipend of HK$12,000, and matching organizations will also receive a mentoring fee of HK$8,000. The final number of participants was seven, including newcomers to media or documentary filmmakers, social workers, etc. Although the number of participants was less than the target originally anticipated, only half of the participants had actual experience due to differences in learning. Despite the gap with expectations, the enthusiasm of the participants was still very high. Every time after class, discussions continued for more than an hour, and they all agreed that the workshop gave them a lot of benefits.
Online Citizenship Awards

Anetwork community

The 2018 Internet Citizenship Award hopes to show how online citizens can imagine, restructure, write and present life in Hong Kong and the community through the Internet space, and convey to the community the message that the community is structured by imagination, encouraging everyone to imagine the Hong Kong and community life in their minds through the different platforms of the Internet, and to realize this idea.

Open the internet and change the world

The internet is no small matter. From community planning, animal rights, to political participation, there are no social problems of any size. It is not only up to you and my fellow citizens to discover, but also to change.
Due to the variety of forms of online creation, the 2017 Citizens' Award changed the past practice of classifying awards in the form of creation and established three awards “Internet Citizen of the Year”, “Annual Online Project Award”, and “Student Internet Project Award” to show the public the power of online citizens and thank them for their efforts to change society through online creations, reports, suggestions, and changes.

Only with you can we have more exciting citizen coverage

The Cultural Media Education Fund and Independent Media (Hong Kong) jointly organise the “Online Citizenship Award 2016”, which aims to promote local citizen reporting, online creative sharing and promotion of the concept of online citizenship.
In addition to the public group (best text report, best newspaper photo, best news video, best current affairs comic), a middle school group was added this year.

New Crises and Possibilities for Smart City

CMEF has conducted research in areas such as media literacy teaching law, fake news law, smart cities and privacy. In the future, we will continue to study the various impacts of the development of new technology and the media environment on culture and society.