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The medium is the message




- Herbert Marshall McLuhan

About Culture & Media

Education Foundation


“The medium is the message.”

What is the message of the Internet in our era?

How we are to transform the media to pass on our message to our next generation?

The above two questions reflect the foundation’s fundamental concern - by intervening into the interaction between culture, media and education via funding support or self administered projects, we aim to empower individuals and marginalised social groups with knowledge and technical skills in creating, managing and transforming our media for building a diverse, free, just and open society.

Our Goals

Culture & Media Education Foundation was founded in 2015. The foundation is exempted from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112).

Our goals included:

Convening and supporting non-profitable media and education projects and platforms to enhance the development of future and media education;

Mitigating the impact of digital divide by organising media courses, talks, seminars, conferences or other activities;

Serving as an incubator to non-profit media and education projects, by building community, maintaining community facilities, encouraging citizen participation;

Conducting researches that enhance the development of culture and media education.

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