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Funded Projects & Partners

Media Education

Procon is a knowledge-based platform targeting at high school students. Driven by dichotomic and emotional online discourses, the political discussions in Hong Kong is getting more antagonistic and often time reduced to a choice of political stand. Against the odds, the platform addresses controversial social issues by assembling different opinions in the form of pros and cons and invites readers to give their own thought. 

Website is currently in the testing phrase. More interactive features would be added when resources are available. 

Infographichk is a project aiming at turning academic researches and government open data into visualized imagine. We are in the process of identifying research institutes and NGOs as our project partners. 

The award project is to create an occasion to display citizen efforts in shaping the online public sphere with their original works - citizen reports, comments, news photos, video documentation and political comics. We believe that their efforts need to be promoted and rewarded with public recognition and by doing so, we encourage more citizens to produce online contents that enhance public dialogue. 


The first award ceremony was convene by Hong Kong In-Media in 2014. This year, the foundation works with a number of organizations, including Hong Kong In-Media, Art and Culture Outreach and Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union to organize award related workshops and ceremony in December 2016.

New media and citizen journalist workshop

We would cooperate with non-profitable media to organising training workshops for different social groups, including high school students, women, ethnic minorities, and etc, empowering them with journalistic and new media technical skills to voice out their concerns and participate in the society.


The foundation is set to launch a series of workshop under our “Citizen Reporter Go!” projects and will be committed to compile our pedagogies for educational purposes.

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Media Innovation

Chinese independent journalist cross-border news-making dialogue

The project seeks to build a cross-border community among citizens and independent journalists across Chinese communities in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Malaysia.


We expect members of the community to maintain a cross-border newsroom in the form of an online question and answer roundtable platform. The project aims at building a critical and reflective transnational public sphere and change the antagonistic cross-border interaction.

Crowdfunding support to new citizen media experiment

Media innovation requires support. The foundation will encourage groups to submit media innovation projects and help them to raise start up funding via crowd funding platform.

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Community Building & Exchange

Salons and exchanges

The rise of social media has created an echo chamber effects and distorted public deliberation. In response, the foundation will organise offline salons and exchanges among media workers to discuss their common challenges. 


In cooperation with Hong Kong In-Media, the foundation has received funding from Haoran foundation on a series of exchange activities among citizen reporters from Taiwan, Malaysia and Macau. We would continue to seek resources for similar activities. 

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Policy Reserches

Policy and legal framework that conductive to the building of open society is crucial to the development of online culture and new media. Hence the foundation will also devote resource to conduct researches on policies related information and media freedom, privacy and etc. and it will submit its findings and opinions to the government and Legislative Council for future policy making and legal reform.

Project Partners
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